Extraordinary Beat X (EBX) is planned to be a free and open source cross-platform action game using the Spearmint engine.

In 2011-2013, EBX was going to be a direct continuation of Turtle Arena with the Ninja Turtle aspects replaced. The planned content development never happened. As of 2016, EBX is no longer planned to be a direct continuation. The existing EBX data / code will be merged into Turtle Arena.

EBX 2016

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10 years ago I started working towards creating a Ninja Turtle game that I would be able to consider the BEST Ninja Turtle game, one that could actually stand on it own merit. I have no interest in playing that game anymore. 2006 was a long time ago, it's time to move on.

The game source code will be redone starting from Spearmint Quake 3 instead of Turtle Arena. The characters will be human. Clover will be the only EBX 2011 character reused. First person shooter multiplayer will be kept. Melee combat will be kept but probably not as a primary focus in player versus player game modes. Turtle Arena's "Everyone 10 and up" like rating rule no longer a concern. You can expect there to be blood. And the blood to be hot pink. The initial focus will be the game content, rather than software.

EBX 2011

Initially it will be focused on multiplayer (with multiple game modes). It will be playable with human players over a network, splitscreen, or with AI players. The final game will feature a platformer single player / co-op mode with multiple paths through levels with freedom to explore and a multiplayer mode with multiple game modes and playable characters.

Features (EBX 2011)

  • Unique playable characters, each with their own abilities.
  • Melee and projectile weapons; swords, guns, shurikens, and more!
  • Four player splitscreen; enjoy the game with up to three friends using a single computer.
  • Network multiplayer; play with up to 64 players online or on the local network.
  • Multiple game modes; co-op, free for all, dual, capture the flag, overload, and more!
  • Bots; battle against AI players in the many game modes.
  • Customizable; create your own levels, weapons, characters, and more!

Concept Art (EBX 2011)

Health items with health amounts.

Exagon, the main character. A sword-wielding turtle.

Another image of Exagon.

Exagon's sword.

Clover, the second character. A sai-wielding rabbit.

Clover's hair.

Clover's clothes concept.

Clover's weapon concepts.

Mossy, the third character.

Raspberry, the fourth character.

Raspberry's axe and backpack.