Turtle drawing

My name is Zack Middleton and I’m an amateur software developer, game designer, and 2D/3D artist. I have an associate of science degree focused on computer programming and over 15 years of amateur software development experience, primarily using the C programming language, since August 2006.

I use the aliases zturtleman and The Turtle Man 🃑.

I can be contacted at zturtleman@gmail.com. Please don’t use this to request free software support. For software issues or questions use GitHub discussion/issues or the Clover.moe Community Discord that are linked from project pages.

If you find my work useful, consider donating at Ko-fi.

Video game related

The main examples of what I’ve done are Turtle Arena (game design, programming, and art), Spearmint (programming), and contributions to ioquake3 since 2010.

I’ve had direct involvement programming for or submitting patches to various Quake 3 related projects; q3rally, iortcw, ET: Legacy, XQFReaction, Unvanquished, Navy SEALs (ET port), and MFArena. Indirectly (via ioquake3) my work is also in OpenJK, OpenArena, Smokin’ GunsWorld of Padman, Monkeys of Doom, and probably others. Indirectly (via iortcw) my work is also in RTCW Coop.

I programmed things for a few Sonic Robo Blast 2 mods around 2007/2008. For a Super Smash Bros-like mod I added various features; the core gameplay was by other people. For SRB2 Riders I created reverse item throwing in Mario Kart mode.

Art related

I made all of the graphics, models, and level textures for Turtle Arena. Aside from Turtle Arena I’ve only done 2D art (mainly pencil drawings), as seen on my Flickr account.