Turtle drawing

My name is Zack Middleton and I’m an amateur software developer, game designer, and 2D/3D artist. I have an associate of science degree focused on computer programming and over 15 years of amateur software development experience, primarily using the C programming language, since August 2006.

I use the aliases zturtleman and The Turtle Man 🃑.

I can be contacted at zturtleman@gmail.com. Please don’t use this to request free software support. For software issues or questions use GitHub discussion/issues or the Clover.moe Community Discord that are linked from project pages.

If you find my work useful, consider donating at Ko-fi.

Art related

I made all of the graphics, models, and level textures for Turtle Arena. Aside from Turtle Arena I’ve only done 2D art (mainly pencil drawings), as seen on my Flickr account.