Minor Turtle Arena Website Updates

Fixed Turtle Arena website to be valid XHTML 1.0 strict, previously it was XHTML 1.0 transitional and some parts were invalid. (See index page validation.) Main change caused by this is the website no longer opens external-links/images in a new tab/window, but there was inconsistency with the opening external links anyway.

There is now javascript to create a popup of the image on the page, though images can still be opened in a new tab/windows by scroll clicking or using context menu.

Removed the hidden footer from all of the pages. (Still kept the footer on a separate page…) The footer was showing in w3m (a text web browser), which is main reason I removed it. The website does look rather nice in w3m though.

I moved the RSS feed icon from the top right corner of every page to just on the index page in the news box. I think it look nicer and is more logical.

Added the news posted on the Google Code project page (and later removed) to the news archive page.

Changed the logo at the top of each page to 50% of the previous size. It was larger than it needed to be.