Turtle Arena Development Status #2

Changes since the last development status post.

* Increased max gentities (level objects) from 1024 to 4096, this should allow future levels (especially single player levels) to have detailed levels using many objects.

* Added cel shading support from ZEQ2-lite. It is used by turtle players and some other objects. I am still working on having all (or most) of the models use cel shading.

Old, standard Quake3, shading.
New ZEQ2-lite Cel-Shading.

* Improved pizza health items, better texture and fixed vextexes (to fix lighting on crust).

Old pizza.
New pizza.

* Split assets from a single zip file (assets0.pk3) into three zip files (assets0.pk3, assets1-qvms.pk3, assets2-music.pk3). Music assets are now optional, so the game does not require non-commercial music to be run and dedicated servers do not need ~40MB of music they do not use.

* Cleanup and fixes. (Disabled some unused code, among other things.)

Stay tuned for more exciting changes.