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Quake 3 1.16n

We did not receive the source code for versions prior to 1.32c and there is no way for us to go back to 1.16n or other old versions. For the very few mods that require 1.16n, there is no way to make them work on ioquake3. (or view on

I read this in 2008 when I was looking at using ioquake3 for creating a game. From time to time people ask about Quake 3 1.16n for running the mod NoGhost or it comes up for playing with Quake 3 for the Sega Dreamcast using DreamPi.

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Clover’s Toy Box 2017-2018

Clover’s Toy Box development posts for 2017 and 2018. I originally shared these privately but now I’ve collected them all to publish.

Clover’s Toy Box (as in Pandora’s box) is a project to develop a game engine for the successor to Turtle Arena and another game. The engine, named after Lycoris radiata subject to change to a common name, is expected to expand on ideas and goals from my Spearmint engine (albeit without Quake 3 compatibility). Clover’s Toy Box is currently being developed in private as proprietary software.

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10 Years of Quake 3

Lycoris radiata
Red spider lily, licensed as CC-BY-SA 4.0 by Kakidai.

October 10th 2018 is the 10 year anniversary of when I started modding ioquake3. It was my third attempt at creating a Ninja Turtle fangame within a three year time period. I intend to release Spearmint 1.0 as the end result of 10 years of working on the Quake 3 engine.

On October 10th I’m planning to cease development on my projects based on the Quake 3 engine (Spearmint, Turtle Arena, Lilium Voyager, flexible HUD mod for ioq3, …) and resign from being a ioquake3 maintainer (since 2011). I’ll no longer be following ioquake3 development or providing support on the ioquake3 forum.

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Coming this October

“There should be a new Turtle Arena 0.7 release in the near-future, hopefully next month.”
“hahahahaha. By ‘next month’ I obviously meant 2017.”
—November 3, 2015

I am planning to release Spearmint 0.5 and Turtle Arena 0.7 on Friday the 13th of October 2017.

Turtle Arena 0.7 is does not fix any issues with the melee attacking or overall design. It restores a few aspects of the game to earlier versions (before 0.5.x started changing the game for EBX), fixes some issues, and inherits many improvements from Spearmint including better compatibility with recent operating systems. It also unintentionally makes all the levels brighter because I fixed the external lightmap support… I don’t expect serious development to resume but new releases will probably be more frequent than every 5 years after this.

EBX was originally a continuation of Turtle Arena without Ninja Turtles (or any other playable characters due to lack of 3D models…). The small differences of the existing EBX code/data are being reintegrated into Turtle Arena. The EBX code/content repositories will be deleted. This will make Turtle Arena development easier as currently I work on EBX then merge the changes into Turtle Arena.

Whether EBX will be a separate game based on Spearmint or uses a new engine is unknown. Though there is a high probability EBX will never be created at all. At this point EBX is little more than a title for a game with Sonic style single player / co-op, Quake 3 like first person shooter multiplayer, hot pink blood, electronic dance music / hardcore techno, and a human character named Clover.

End of Year 11

I am nearing the end of my 11th year of game development. I’ve spent about a 2 years working with Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Doom Engine), about 3 months with SDL 1.2 / OpenGL 1.x, about 8 years with Quake 3, and whatever the last year was.

I’m currently working toward making a new Spearmint release and hopefully a new Turtle Arena release in the next few months.

To clarify my post from last month; My plan to rewrite/overhaul Spearmint was replaced with making a new engine. I don’t have concrete future plans for Spearmint or Turtle Arena. However that does not mean I am abandoning them.

My Toy Box engine project is planned to rewrite the engine core, add and expand upon features I’ve added to Spearmint, and add new features I’ve wanted in Spearmint for years. This is essentially my plan to “rewrite/overhaul Spearmint” but starting from scratch and dropping Quake 3 data compatibility. Though, technically it’s just a game engine aiming to have a similar feature set.

New things I develop in my Toy Box engine project may be merged into Spearmint. For example, Toy Box currently runs the unfinished Alternate UI I made for Spearmint. It’s inflexible and kind of a mess. If I made a new UI it will most likely go into both Toy Box and Spearmint.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Toy Box and Spearmint in future. What I do know is that spending another 8 years fixing small issues in Quake 3 sounds pretty uninteresting.