Turtle Arena Development Status #6

I am working on the new characters (species, abilities, weapons, appearance), hopefully they will be completed soon. I’ve changed from planning on there being six playable characters to eight.
Main four characters (for single player and multiplayer):
* Kame: A turtle with strength ability and slow speed. Does greater melee damage and able to push heavy objects (allowing access to special areas).
* Usagi: A rabbit that is able to run fast and cut things using swords (allowing access to special areas). May use a Katana.
* Kaeru: A frog, medium speed and able to jump higher than other players (allowing access to special areas).
* Mausu: A mouse, medium speed and smaller than other players. Allows access to areas though small openings and a smaller target to hit. May use a pair of Tonfa.
Four extra multiplayer characters:
* Hebi: A snake in a robotic suit. Slow with strength ability.
* Hamusutā: A hamster, slow.
* Tokage: A lizard (gecko), fast and small. May use a Kanabō.
* (An undecided mammal.)
I’ve updated the Ubuntu packages in the Turtle Arena Ubuntu PPA to 0.5.0, also moved it to 0.5.0 section from 0.4.2 on download page.