Turtle Arena HUD Preview

The next release of Turtle Arena will feature a new (well, modified) HUD.

The top zero is the score. The blue bar is the “air bar” which shows how much air is left underwater. The orange bar is the health bar (finally added like originally intended). Weapon icon (and ammo –not shown) and holdable icon (and use count) are below much like before, though placement and spacing are slightly changed.

HUD background changes color in teamplay. Flag model is draw to right of main HUD like before.

 Lives in single player and co-op are now fit in much more with the HUD. A “x #” to the right of player’s head. Old HUD had “Lives #” listed below weapon icon.

Healthbar changes width based on player’s max health. Doubles in size when player has guard powerup (as max health is double). This should make max health changes more visible to players.

If player doesn’t have guard power up, health can go over “max health” by picking up health items. (Health slowly drops to max health.) Health over “max health” is draw lighter over the top of the health bar.

For reference, the hud used by Turtle Arena 0.5.1 and all previous versions is below. Originally the background was green, but in later versions it was changed to use player color.