Not Quite There Yet

Nearly everything planned to be included in Turtle Arena 0.6 is done now, but it’s not quite ready yet. Turtle Arena 0.6 is scheduled for release Friday March 16th 2012. I think this is a realistic date. It give time to complete last few things, test it, fix any last minute bugs, package it, and prepare screenshots and videos.

I started working on preparing 0.6 for release after the Mageia 2 versions freeze, so it was too late for a new Turtle Arena version to be included.

Setup players for multiplayer.

Add a new menu for configuring players for multiplayer. It combines 8 other menu screens (player settings and character select for each of the four players). Plus it allows enabling extra players when starting or joining a server.

New Arcade Mode menu, with high scores!

Arcade Mode has a cool menu now with high scores now! Next button goes to player select, after that you can start playing.

Fixed compiling BSPC, the bot map AI compile. It was broken in TA 0.5.1, due to merging ioquake3 r2099.

What’s left to do for 0.6? The main things are;

  • Add menu for entering name at the end of Arcade Mode.
  • Create character images for main game / arcade mode character select.
  • Add time limit and score/capture limit to TAB scoreboard.