Turtle Arena Downloads

I was curious about the number of Turtle Arena downloads. This is what I found:

Google Code

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Zip (windows and Linux) (all TA releases) : 117+397+159+110+14+24+116+28+6+20+5+39+161=1196, 13 releases with average of 92 per-release
Windows Installer (TA 0.2, 0.4.x, 0.6.x): 182+1253+14+31+15+15+3+12=1525, 8 releases with average of 190.625 per-release
Linux Installer (TA 0.4.x only): 9+39+9+2=59, 4 releases with average of 14.75 per-release

Total downloads from Google Code: 2,780

Turtle Arena Ubuntu PPA

Downloads by Ubuntu release: (client and server refer to Turtle Arena client and server packages)

* quantal 24 (client), 24 (server)
* precise 121 (client), 118 (server)
* oneiric 61 (client), 63 (server)
* natty 50 (client), 35 (server)
* maverick 31 (client), 21 (server)
* lucid 30 (client), 29 (server)

Total client downloads from PPA: 317
Total server downloads from PPA: 290 (ignored in total count, Google Code has client and server in same download)

File Hosting sites

Found these via Google, I don’t know anything else about them.

Just points to file at Google Code, so already counted: 169 downloads (Windows Installer)

200 downloads (Windows Installers)

7 downloads (Zip, Windows/Linux)

4 downloads (Windows Installer)

9 downloads (Windows Installer)

Total Mirror Downloads: 227


Total Known Turtle Arena downloads: 3,324

Known Unknown downloads: people can get the game from git and Mageia 2 package repo (though probably few downloads from these).

First available for download December 2009. Average 75.5 downloads per month (44 months). Average 2.5 per-day (44 months * 30 days). It’s higher than I expected, though it’s low when compared other more-complete games.