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  • ioEF preservation update

    In 2019 I posted that ioEF’s—a reimplementation of the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force multiplayer engine—older source code was unavailable and I set up a code repository for the source code patches backed up by Thilo Schulz, the developer of ioEF, contacted me and pointed out that only the domain name expired and…

  • Spearmint Quake 3 game server

    I set up a public Spearmint Quake 3 game server at . So come play sometime?

  • How to move quassel-core config and chat log

    Information on moving quassel-core config and chat log to another computer seems scarce. I couldn’t find much beyond a couple places talking about changing the config location on bug trackers. This is what I did to move from Ubuntu 11.10 host with quassel-core 0.7.3 to Debian 7 host with quassel-core 0.8.0. (April 3 2016: This also worked for moving…

  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

    I like Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F a lot. It’s fun. It looks nice. The gameplay background videos are pretty amazing (I can’t imagine scripting all the stuff that happens and making all the media for them). It does everything I expected and more. It even has a kitchen timer! (Which probably made more sense in…

  • Turtle Arena Downloads

    I was curious about the number of Turtle Arena downloads. This is what I found:

  • Turtle Arena 0.6 is in Mageia 2

    Mageia 2, a GNU/Linux distribution, was released today. Turtle Arena 0.6 is available in the package repository for easy installing! Thanks Juan Luis Baptiste for packaging it.

  • New ioq3 fork, ioq3ztm

    Ever since Turtle Arena was started I maintained the ability to compile it as unmodified ioquake3, or as ioquake3 with some additional changes from Turtle Arena (which I called ioq3ztm). However, it has been coming increasingly difficult (and messy), so support for compiling ioq3 has been dropped. Support for ‘ioq3ztm’ build will most likely be…