Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

I like Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F a lot. It’s fun. It looks nice. The gameplay background videos are pretty amazing (I can’t imagine scripting all the stuff that happens and making all the media for them). It does everything I expected and more. It even has a kitchen timer! (Which probably made more sense in the PSVita version than in the PS3 version.)

I wouldn’t want to make a clone of it or a similar game, there is nothing I want to add to it. I do wish it had some older Hatsune Miku songs in it, but not something I could really fix by making a clone or similar game. It’s possible to use any MP3 in-game and make your own music video / gameplay button track. Though I’m not motivated enough to attempt it, it seems pretty crazy complicated. The songs I want are in the previous games that were only released in Japan (for PSP) so I could buy a PSP and import the games.

The easy difficult, is easy. I was able to beat all the songs on the first try (getting the lowest grade level on most of them though). Although, I did play the demo the day before. It’s hard to say how good I did in the demo because the first 10 times or so I tried I was pressing X instead O. I wasn’t really prepared when the game started and it said “cool” in red when I pressed the button. I was almost sure that controller was broken or that I was completely missing something. Then I looked down at the buttons. Oooh. XD

I had already read about how this was the first game in the series to not count wrong button as “awful” (or “bad”, I can’t remember) and I was confused with so many counting as “safe” so it made sense quickly…

Normal is more difficult… but the gameplay is still simple and controllable enough that I don’t blame the game for me losing. Non-irritating games are nice. Though the fact that I get “diva points” each time to use to buy stuff in the game (and there is a lot of stuff..) helps not be annoyed doing the same thing over and over. The music and videos help with that as well. I don’t mind playing it over and over if I lose, or if I win.

I haven’t beat any song on hard yet. I think it will be amusing to see the extreme difficulty, it seems like it would be crazy and I would do awful. It’s going to take awhile to beat all songs on all difficulties. Seems like it should be repetitive but it doesn’t bother me.

The challenges you can opt-in to for each song are a nice addition to game. More difficult, more diva points. More diva points, more vegetable juice I can buy and give to Miku. heh 🙂 The virtual interaction “Diva Room” feels a bit strange. It’s kind of like a pet simulator, but with people. Redecorate the room, give them gifts, rub their head, and watched them walk around, dance, sleep. The characters are cute so that makes up for everything though, right? mm, just needs a chat AI simulator then it would be perfect. 😀

I’m really impressed by how many loading screen background images there are. And I’ve only unlocked 89% of them so far. There must be like a 100 images or so. Though this is probably because too much time is spent looking at loading screen, but it doesn’t really bother me.

It’s nice to play a game and not think “they designed it wrong, I could do better.” Well, there is one thing. There are menus right next to each other called “Options 1” and “Options 2”. I want to rename to “Game Options” and “TV Options”. That is all.

gameplay video:

no gameplay video:

May be less complex, but still pretty amazing: