How to move quassel-core config and chat log

Information on moving quassel-core config and chat log to another computer seems scarce. I couldn’t find much beyond a couple places talking about changing the config location on bug trackers.

This is what I did to move from Ubuntu 11.10 host with quassel-core 0.7.3 to Debian 7 host with quassel-core 0.8.0. (April 3 2016: This also worked for moving from Debian 7 to Debian 8.)

Install quassel-core on the new host.

newhost ~$ sudo apt-get install quassel-core

Quassel will auto-start, let’s stop it.

newhost ~$ sudo service quasselcore stop

Before copying chat log to new host, let’s shutdown quassel.

oldhost ~$ sudo service quasselcore stop

Copy the config and chat log to new host. On Ubuntu and Debian the config and chat log was stored in /var/lib/quassel/quasselcore.conf and /var/lib/quassel/quassel-storage.sqlite

You do not want to copy /var/lib/quassel/quasselCert.pem to the new host. It’s created at install time and copying it over made SSL stop working.

Because we need to copy the files as root on both hosts, copy to an intermediate location on the new host.

oldhost ~$ sudo scp /var/lib/quassel/quasselcore.conf /var/lib/quassel/quassel-storage.sqlite user@newhost:/home/user/

(The above is one command)

Remove the default conf and copy the new files into place. Removing the conf seems bad, but without replacing it quassel will ask you to create a new user. (I didn’t check what happens if create a new user.)

newhost ~$ sudo rm /var/lib/quassel/quasselcore.conf
newhost ~$ sudo mv quasselcore.conf /var/lib/quassel/
newhost ~$ sudo mv quassel-storage.sqlite /var/lib/quassel/

Now fix the owner/group.

newhost ~$ sudo chown quasselcore:quassel /var/lib/quassel/quasselcore.conf
newhost ~$ sudo chown quasselcore:quassel /var/lib/quassel/quassel-storage.sqlite

(The above is two commands.)

Now you can start quassel again.

newhost ~$ sudo service quasselcore start

Time to connect and make sure it works! After it seems to work you’ll probably want to remove quassel from the old host, so it doesn’t get started after a reboot.

oldhost ~$ sudo apt-get remove quassel-core







4 responses to “How to move quassel-core config and chat log”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Thanks for this, probably saved me hours of guesswork.

  2. Randy MacLeod Avatar
    Randy MacLeod

    In Ubuntu-13.10, quassel files go in /var/lib/quassel/
    Thanks for the time saving recipe.

    1. ZTM Avatar

      Whoops, that’s where it is on Debian 7 too. Corrected post. Thanks.

  3. clonak Avatar

    I know this post a quite old, but it is still very relevant and helpfull, how ever I would advise against ‘deleting’ any config files, speaking from personal experience. Best practise I have found, is to simply rename it, in such a way that the program looking for it wont find it. EG;

    sudo mv /var/lib/quassel/quasselcore.conf /var/lib/quassel/quasselcore.conf.old

    that way, if for some reason the new config file you are using doesnt work, you have a back up of the old to reference to/use. If everything ends up working fine, then you can delete it if you wish, but it is fine sitting there, they usually dont take much much space.

    but all in all a good tutorial and helped me out alot. Thanks.