Engine dev: yes; Game dev: no, yet planning more games

Spearmint engine development is still happening, development on Turtle Arena and Extraordinary Beat X is on hold. Plus I’m probably going to port the game code for RTCW and ET to Spearmint before focusing on Turtle Arena or EBX.

It will probably be `a few’ more months before I focus on game development instead of engine development.

Honestly not sure where I’d want to go with Turtle Arena at this point. I’d lean toward dropping it after EBX is released, though it will most likely just limp along. Not changing very much — staying the poor game that it is.

Honestly not sure where I’d want to go with EBX at this point. I’d like to see it completed (or playable at all). Seeing as it’s taken 7 years to get to this point, I have no idea how long it will take to complete. I’m not as motivated or excited about making a 3D platform game with robots and melee weapons as I was 7 years ago. Though, I still think it would be really neat if what I envision for EBX would be a playable game.

So I’ve started plans on a new game! kukuku

Inspired by Air Gear, Jet Set Radio, and NiGHTS into Dreams… Legendary Wings: Soaring on the Wind of Dreams is planned to be an anime-style game focused on flying using inline skates. Featuring a customizable character system, anime aesthetics, and INSERT MORE MARKETING STUFF. Did I mention anime?

After having it on my mind for a while I wrote up some initial plans on 2013-04-21 and came up with the title on 2013-08-03. It wouldn’t surprise me if I never actually start working on making this. I have lots of plans for EBX, yet I haven’t really done much.

Currently not planning to have a story mode due to the large amount of work it would be. What the game modes will be is largely undecided right now, though it’s fairly easier to draw ideas from Air Gear and Jet Set Radio. Tricks mode (score and/or time limit). Race mode. Team and free-for-all sticker and/or graffiti take over the city mode (score and/or time limit). I’m not sure about battle modes, Ringo wouldn’t like it.

I’m thinking of having NiGHTS-like rear control mode for when player is riding the Wing Road, started by high enough trick link in Tricks mode or something. Player would get wings on their feet and flies through rings to stay in Wing Road mode, with increasing difficulty. The rings in Air Gear when Ikki is riding the Wing Road makes me think of NiGHTS.

I’m planning to use Spearmint engine with modified EBX gamelogic and assets. The content will be under a creative commons license. The hardest parts will probably be the physics and content production (levels, character model(s)/accessories), but there is probably a lot of unknown problems awaiting.

Legendary Wings may be a useful base for other anime-style games as well. Plus I’ll be improving stuff for EBX. I don’t know how to only make one game anymore. So after the engine work is done I may start developing even more games on Spearmint. >_<

Notable nod to Aquarion / Aquarion EVOL, though giant mechas is outside scope of Legendary Wings: Soaring on the Wind of Dreams. That would be Legendary Wings: Mechanical Angels. Focused on not only flying, but doing so in a giant mecha. Full NiGHTS-like game? Legendary Wings: Caged Nightmare. Focused on not only flying, but escaping the nightmare of being caged.

Arrg, why does making games take so long. See you in ~10 months or so when engine and RTCW/ET stuff is done. heheh

sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with game/engine development at all. It doesn’t really serve any purpose at all. I guess because I’m not really interested in doing other stuff so I just stay with it for lack of anything better to do. Anime is more entertaining to me than playing video games (that I rarely do these days). Though, not planning to ever try to make an anime because it’s crazier than trying to make a game.

P.S. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F for PS3 gets released in the US tomorrow. :3

P.P.S. My Unexciting Cafepress Designs: Featuring EBX music note icons and a turtle


Rejected game name ideas:

Winged Wheels
Wheels of Flight
Soaring Flight Wheels
Trippin’ Wings
The Kids with Wings on their Feet
Legendary Wings: On the Soaring Wind of Dreams