Flexible HUD release 4

Aspect correct widescreen HUD in Team Arena on mpq3ctf1.

ZTM’s Flexible HUD mod for ioquake3 release 4 introduces support for Quake III: Team Arena and updates to latest ioquake3 source code.

I made many improvements to the Quake 3 and Team Arena menus. I also fixed Team Arena single player starting as a spectator instead of joining a team. This had been blocking releasing Flexible HUD mod for Team Arena since the initial Flexible HUD release in 2013.

ioquake3 mod code changes

2017-06-01 zturtleman : Make server browser default to Internet
2017-06-01 zturtleman : Automatically get initial Internet servers in Team Arena UI
2017-06-01 zturtleman : Replace constant value with UIAS_GLOBAL1
2017-06-01 zturtleman : Fix filtering favorite servers in Team Arena UI
2017-06-01 zturtleman : Fix favorite servers player count message in Team Arena UI
2017-06-01 zturtleman : Fix levelshot displayed in Team Arena server browser
2017-06-01 zturtleman : Fix hitch when opening Team Arena find friend menu
2017-06-02 zturtleman : Fix joining team when starting local team play server
2017-06-02 zturtleman : Make Team Arena win logic handle more game types/blue team
2017-06-02 zturtleman : Fix spawn/freed entity logic (specifically harvester skulls)
2017-06-02 zturtleman : Fix “brought in 1 skulls” Harvester message
2017-06-02 zturtleman : Enable tourney scoreboard in Team Arena
2017-06-02 zturtleman : Draw disconnect icon over lagometer in Team Arena too
2017-06-03 zturtleman : Only auto update empty Team Arena internet server cache
2017-06-03 zturtleman : Add mouse wheel support to UI list boxes
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Stop caching sv_maxclients in bot code
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Don’t use uninitialized ps from BotAI_GetClientState
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix ‘missing token’ in parsers for animations.cfg
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Unify checks for missing COM_Parse() token
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix comment for CG_SetInitialSnapshot
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix (unused) check for map restart in CG_TransitionSnapshot
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix Coverity warning that endVelocity is uninitialized
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Don’t build score info for bots, they don’t parse it
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix score info being dropped by server
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Show client’s name in callvote clientkick vote display message
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Don’t start game entity loops at index 1
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix overdraw in CG_DrawRect
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Fix comment in BotAIPredictObstacles
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Remove unneeded ‘angles’ variables/clearing in ai_dmq3.c
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Don’t copy p->org to itself in cg_particles.c
2017-06-07 zturtleman : Make bots stop attacking player after disconnect
2017-06-07 Tobias Kuehnhammer : Fix notarget cheat
2017-06-22 zturtleman : Fix g_teamAutoJoin and g_teamForceBalance
2017-06-24 zturtleman : Fix Team Arena team base models not dropping to floor
2017-06-24 zturtleman : Make cg_teamChatsOnly only affect team gametypes
2017-06-24 zturtleman : Check for unlimited time power up using INT_MAX
2017-06-24 zturtleman : Have spectator always be in first person
2017-06-24 zturtleman : Allow spectators to use noclip cheat
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Split G_AddRandomBot into multiple functions
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Make ‘addbot random’ command select a random bot info
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Fix random bot not looking for bots by funname
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Fix bot_minplayers passing delay as team to addbot in non-team gametypes
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Fix not adding random bot when all bot info are in use on team
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Check delayed bot’s team when counting bots for bot_minplayers
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Fix duplicate (delayed) random bots being choosen
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Don’t pick duplicate random bots until all bot types are added
2017-06-29 zturtleman : Add range check for bot skill in addbot command
2017-07-01 zturtleman : Fix q3_ui cursor going off screen in widescreen
2017-07-01 zturtleman : Make Team Arena UI aspect correct in widescreen
2017-07-01 zturtleman : Make UI continue searching for local servers until found
2017-07-01 zturtleman : Allow changing q3_ui server source during refresh
2017-07-01 zturtleman : Fix nonresponsive favorites in q3_ui having no hostname
2017-07-09 Brenton Bostick : Fix warning about using abs() with floats (#222)
2017-07-14 zturtleman : Fix score bonus for defending the flag carrier in CTF
2017-07-14 zturtleman : Restore not giving defense score bonus to flag carrier
2017-07-14 zturtleman : Add score bonus for defending the flag carrier in 1 Flag CTF
2017-07-20 zturtleman : Make ‘globalservers 0’ fetch all masters
2017-07-28 zturtleman : Silence g_util.c warning about set but not read variable
2017-07-31 zturtleman : Make warmup in Team Deathmatch wait for players to join both teams
2017-08-09 zturtleman : Add spawnflags to QUAKED for trigger_multiple
2017-08-09 zturtleman : Check for all command separators in callTeamVote
2017-08-09 zturtleman : Remove newlines from chat messages in Game VM
2017-08-09 zturtleman : Fix compiling Cmd_CallTeamVote_f
2017-08-19 zturtleman : Fix crash when pmove_msec is 0
2017-08-26 zturtleman : Make bots use crusher on other q3tourney6 maps
2017-08-26 zturtleman : Make bots only use q3tourney6 crusher to kill their enemy
2017-09-02 zturtleman : Fix going to previous browser source in q3_ui
2017-09-02 zturtleman : Make map names in q3_ui map select menu be uppercase
2017-09-02 zturtleman : Limit ui_smallFont/ui_bigFont/cg_noTaunt cvars to missionpack
2017-09-02 zturtleman : Fix team chat box for spectators
2017-09-02 zturtleman : Don’t draw crosshair 0 in Team Arena setup menu
2017-09-09 zturtleman : Don’t reload arenas.txt/*.arena files in Team Arena UI
2017-09-09 zturtleman : Fix crash when out of memory in Team Arena’s String_Alloc
2017-09-10 zturtleman : Update UI player animation handling to match CGame
2017-09-29 zturtleman : Fix hit accuracy stats for lightning gun and shotgun kills
2017-10-04 zturtleman : Don’t redefine MAX_PATH in bot code
2017-10-08 zturtleman : Don’t send team overlay info to bots
2017-11-10 zturtleman : Fix Team Arena server refresh time format
2017-11-10 zturtleman : Fix -1 (unlimited) ammo decreasing ammo time remaining
2017-11-10 zturtleman : Fix my previous commit about -1 ammo
2017-11-22 Edward Betts : Correct spelling mistakes.
2017-11-22 zturtleman : Fix invalid model frame developer warnings in Team Arena
2017-12-03 zturtleman : Fix GCC 6 misleading-indentation warning
2017-12-16 David CARLIER : fix a few potential buffer overwrite in Game VM
2018-02-04 zturtleman : Fix timelimit causing an infinite map ending loop
2018-02-04 zturtleman : Fix negative frag/capturelimit causing an infinite map end loop
2018-02-11 zturtleman : Increase q3_ui .arena filename list buffer size to 4096 bytes
2018-04-09 zturtleman : Revert “Removed “Color Depth” from q3_ui system settings, it didn’t control anything.”
2018-04-11 zturtleman : Restore setting r_colorbits in q3_ui
2018-04-11 zturtleman : Make setting r_stencilbits more consistent in Team Arena UI
2018-04-12 zturtleman : Fix map list in Team Arena start server menu after entering SP menu
2018-04-22 zturtleman : Make UI_DrawProportionalString handle NULL string
2018-04-26 IR4T4 : Fix array index in CanDamage() function – discovered by MARTY
2018-04-26 zturtleman : Fix clearing keys for control in Team Arena UI
2018-04-29 zturtleman : Improvements for dedicated camera followers (team follow1/2)
2018-05-06 zturtleman : Fix duplicate bots displayed in Team Arena ingame add bot menu
2018-05-14 zturtleman : Fix console offset while Team Arena voiceMenu is open

Flexible HUD specific changes

(The first three were imported from Spearmint Quake 3 mod code.)

2014-12-03 zturtleman : Make TA voice chat head stick to left side in widescreen
2017-06-04 zturtleman : Fix placement of Team Arena power ups in widescreen
2017-06-04 zturtleman : Add screenPlacement support for Team Arena menus
2018-05-13 zturtleman : Fix compiling flexible hud
2018-05-14 zturtleman : Fix placement of Team Arena voiceMenu


The log was generated using the following command. It’s possible there were issues fixed in code/qcommon/ which affect the mod code that are not listed.

git clone https://github.com/zturtleman/ioq3.git zturtleman-ioq3
cd zturtleman-ioq3
git log --reverse --pretty=format:"%ad %an : %s" --date=short flexible_hud-r3...flexible_hud-r4 -- code/game code/cgame code/q3_ui code/ui