Clover’s Toy Box

Lycoris radiata
Lycoris radiata, licensed as CC-BY-SA 4.0 by Kakidai.

Clover’s Toy Box is a project to develop a game engine and game(s). The engine, named after Lycoris radiata, is expected to expand on ideas and goals from my Spearmint engine (albeit without Quake 3 compatibility). Clover’s Toy Box is currently being developed in private as proprietary software.

A long term goal is to port Turtle Arena from the Spearmint engine to use my new engine.

Planned Features

  • First and third person perspectives.
  • Network multiplayer and four player splitscreen.
  • High quality text using FreeType 2.
  • SDL 2.0 for window and input handling.
  • OpenGL 2+ / OpenGL ES 2+ using GLSL.
  • Soft particles, barrel view distortion, per-pixel motion blur.

Planned Format Support

  • Models: IQM, and MM3D for source files.
  • Images: KTX(?), and PNG for source files.
  • Audio: Opus, and WAV or FLAC for source files.
  • Levels: Unknown.

Current Status

It’s pretty far from a playable game. There is very basic networked server/client support, ability to draw models and 2D menu, and move player.

See Toy Box blog posts for progress updates and Google Docs spreadsheet for comparison of Spearmint Quake 3 and Clover’s Toy Box.