Turtle Arena 0.5.2 Released

Turtle Arena 0.5.2 has been released. It features a new HUD, some graphic improvements, and various bugfixes. Changed master server address to use a running dpmaster (dpmaster.deathmask.net), now you can host and find online games easily. Give it a try, beat up some bots today!

The next release, 0.5.3, is planned to focus on improving the player animation system. (See the RoadMap for more details on future plans.)
* Support single skeleton model (IQM format) for players.
** Skeleton animation is better then current vertex MD3 models (visually, file-size, etc)
** Allows smooth bending at player waist and neck.
** Allows creation of seamless player models.
* Add head animation support.

Notable changes;
– Improved HUD (see blog post).
– New strength icon/model.
r1537: Fixed issue starting splitscreen game.
r1538: Smoother camera zooming.
r1539: Changed master server address, use a running master server.
r1540: Added camera controls to player controls menu.
r1553: Fixed spectator head models on scoreboard to not to be blue.
r1554: Made spawn/teleport temporary invincibility have a pulsing transparency effect.
r1557: Added waiting animation for players (current player models don’t have animation though).
r1558: Added video mode for using current display resolution.
r1561: Use display resolution by default.
r1562: Fixed crash loading duel gametype.
r1574: “Analog” (move relative to camera [when it is rotated]) fixes.
r1576: Made bots check all held items for shurikens, instead of just selected item.
r1577: Fixed bots selecting unusable holdable item.