Turtle Arena 0.5.3 Released

Turtle Arena 0.5.3, after long delay, is now available for download! It has many improvements and bug fixes.

There are now (untested) Windows x64 client and server executables included in the download (credit goes to ioquake3 for windows x64 support).

A lot of code was merged into ioq3ztm during the development cycle for Turtle Arena 0.5.3 and resulted in bug fixes for TA and cleaner code.

Turtle Arena now has increased memory usage, partly due to new features/graphics (such as support for four times as many game objects). The minimum recommended RAM is now 512MB (plus memory for the operating system), the 128MB (plus OS) recommended until now many have to too low to actually run the game.


* New icon / loading image.

* Switched to M+ Outline fonts from GUN FreeFont and DejaVu fonts.

* Started an Arcade Mode. It’s a single player (score-attack) mode for playing the multiplayer gametypes. It saves the best 5 scores/times with player name for each map/gametype.

* Players can now move through each other.

* Initial support for four times as many entities in game, 4096. (This hasn’t been stress tested yet, but should allow creating maps with a lot more objects.)

* Better handling of incompatible mods.
* Added Virtual Machine API version checks for game and cgame moduals (already existed for ui modual).
* Don’t allow VM to make system calls before checking API version.
* Don’t call VM shutdown functions when VM reports an unsupported API version.

* Started work on allowing IQM model skeleton to be accessed/modified-for-rendering by cgame/ui.
* This will allow players to have smooth bending at waist/neck, instead of using three separate models for legs, torso, and head.

* Save games now support splitscreen.

* Air meter now is only shown when needed (when waist-deep in water or deeper and shortly after getting out of water)

* Many, many bug fixes.
* Fixed object collision to use real contents (e.g. solid, player, water), required for allowing player to move through each other.
* Fixed client-side prediction issues due to different bounding box on server and client.
* Fixed crash when beginning intermission in maps without an info_player_intermission entity (such as map dm2).
* Splitscreen bug fixes.