Turtle Arena 0.6 Released

Over 12 months of development. Over one thousand changes*. UI graphics larger than HD**.

Turtle Arena Zero Point Six

Title screen (you know, that screen with the game title)

Download it today for free for Windows or Linux. Play with people around the world on the dedicated server generously hosted by Escaped Turkey.

A fraction of the changes since Turtle Arena 0.4.3.


  • Four player splitscreen!
  • The turtles now have tails, like in the original TMNT comics.
  • Added cel-shading to many 3D models (code from ZEQ2-lite)
  • Remade many images at higher resolution (most or all UI/HUD graphics are “HD”)
  • TrueType fonts are used by default and are rendered to screen size (always look nice).
  • Redesigned main HUD area.
  • Added joystick select menu.
  • Created new texture for Overload base.
  • Possible to play while hosting an internet server using the game client.
  • Team name is now colorized in team play messages.
  • Now uses dpmaster protocol, instead of quake3 master protocol, keeps the game separate on master server.
  • Automatically choose next map in multiplayer using scripts/arenas.txt (and scripts/*.arena), allows new maps to be automatically be added to map rotation.
  • Lots of fixes from ioquake3 contributers, updated from ioq3 revision 1794 to 2236.
  • …and many other bug fixes and improvement!


  • Removed Casey model as it was poorly modeled, textured, and animated.
  • Removed most of the music as it did not meet Debian Free Software Guidelines (DSFG).
  • Removed Wolf-ET weather effects due to being licensed under modified GPLv3 instead of GPLv2+.
  • Removed OpenArena GPL sound effects (such as water splash) and did not replace them.

* Based on number of revisions made to Turtle Arena and those merged from ioquake3 and ioq3ztm.

** HD being 1920×1080. Many UI graphics would be rendered without upscale at 2048×1536.