EBX GDD, concept art, Turtle Arena info

I posted some EBX info: some concept art, game design document, some character info. See http://ztm.x10host.com/ebx/.

EBX hasn’t been progressing much, though it is finally a separate project from Turtle Arena on github and has a few small differences. Turtle Arena is also on github now as well, following ioquake3 which moved to github in January 2013.

Interestingly the main changes made after EBX and TA were separate were to TA, which now has the pre-TA0.6 icon at loading screen (TA0.6 icon was always meant for EBX) and has katanas and sais on CTF flags similar to TA 0.2 (instead of EBX character icons). TA’s neutral CTF flag now has a shuriken on it again too. Splitting off EBX stuff will make TA a more enjoyable consistent experience.

There should be a new Turtle Arena 0.7 release in the near-future, hopefully next month. Mainly need to record some new announcer lines. After listening to the announcer lines and realizing how inconsistent they are, I’m probably going to re-record them all. I will be using a Blue Yeti USB microphone, instead of a ~15 year old Labtec AM-242 microphone as I have in the past so should be better audio quality too.

Turtle Arena now plays sounds (well, they’re missing right now) for red and blue team instead of your team and the enemy team. For example now Turtle Arena will announce when red and blue bases are under attack in the Overload game mode, instead of “your base is under attack” which was ambiguous in splitscreen with players on red and blue team. Same type of issue with team picked up the flag sounds. Announcer will now specify which local player picked up a CTF flag in splitscreen “Player [1|2|3|4] has the flag”, instead of “you have the flag” which is ambiguous. These changes were made December 14, 2012 (Turtle Arena r2022), longer ago than I thought…