Spearmint 0.1 released

The first version of the Spearmint engine has been released after 3.5 years of development. It’s not everything I wanted it to be, but it’s stable and people are interested in using it so I’ve finally created downloadable packages for Windows, GNU/Linux, and OS X. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads.

Spearmint 0.1 was released on a friday the 13th, like Turtle Arena 0.6 (April 13th 2012). Future releases are planned on each friday the 13th (barring exceptions when they’re too close or too far apart). So the next release is planned for November 13th 2015.


Some of the new features / changes:

  1. Four player splitscreen support.
  2. Bullet marks on doors and moving platforms.
  3. Gibs and bullet shells ride moving platforms.
  4. Aspect correct wide screen FOV and HUD in Q3A.
  5. Improved Bot AI.
  6. Improved gamepad support.
  7. Improved third person view.
  8. Smooth corpse sinking.
  9. Player shadow moves with animations.
  10. PNG screenshots (with ext data containing map name and player origin, etc).
  11. In multiplayer with gibs disabled, bodies no longer become invisible when gibbed.
  12. Option to fade out explosion lights instead of shrinking them (set cg_fadeExplosions cvar to 1).

Modding differences from ioquake3:

  1. It is possible to do a lot more without modifying the engine.
  2. New features for the modding APIs and shader files.
  3. Split engine and game code into separate projects.
  4. Not compatible with Quake 3 mods (QVMs/DLLs) or replay demos.
  5. It’s possible to extend the entityState_t and playerState_t data structures without changing the engine.
  6. Merged UI VM into CGame VM so the CGame<->UI communication is more flexible.
  7. Moved a lot of code from server and client to Game and CGame VMs;
    • including the console, chat input overlay, usercmd_t creation, and a lot of bot AI code.






5 responses to “Spearmint 0.1 released”

  1. Charles Avatar

    Hi, congratulation and thank you for spearmint. I was looking for this solution since a long time. I play on linux/ubuntu and I wanted to play split screen FPS with friends but on pc there is not a lot of them, I tested Serious Sam, Screencheat and some others but none of them were as fun as Quake 3 or derivated. I appreciate the possibility to play Quake 3 in split screen with friends and 4 Xbox controllers. I hope more games will be compatible, I would like to test Unvanquished, Urban Terror, etc. in splitscreen and controller too. I was not a fan of FPS with controller but it is cool when you play couch coop for fun with beginners. Thanks again.

  2. Peter Avatar

    Quake 3 split screen = amazing. Many, many thanks to all involved. Gratitude from a contingent of couch + projector players in Berlin. A sweet alternative to Unreal Tournament 3 with Foxmod.

  3. Javier Avatar

    Hey what a good engine for Quake 3. I have one question about this, how do I enable the splitscreen mode. I have not been able to play with my son that is asking for this to me 🙂 Hope you can help me soon!! Thx a lot.

    1. ZTM Avatar

      In Spearmint Quake 3: Start or join a server, open the in-game menu using Escape, click Local Players, then click “Player #” to add or remove the player. It’s not available in Single Player mode.

      Team Arena is missing splitscreen options in the menu. Start or join a server then open the console using “~” and type “dropin2” to add second player and “dropout2” to remove second player. It’s not possible to configure the splitscreen controls in the Team Arena menu. It’s probably easiest to configure the controls in Quake 3 and then copy settings/baseq3/config.cfg to settings/missionpack/config.cfg.

      1. Javier Avatar

        Hi ZTM. Thx a lot for your quick support. Yes this has been a very good and clear explanation. I´m ready to start playing with my son 🙂 Thx again bro!