Spearmint 0.1.1 released

While working toward Spearmint 0.2 I kept it compatible with Spearmint 0.1. With Spearmint 0.2 being released soon, it seemed like it might be useful to release the version that is still compatible with Spearmint 0.1. And so, here is Spearmint 0.1.1.

Spearmint 0.1.1 is a bug fix and new feature release that is compatible with Spearmint 0.1. It is essentially Spearmint 0.2 without the new CGame/Game/Renderer API changes. No future 0.1 releases are planned. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads.

Spearmint (Engine) changes:

  • Fixed bullet marks on doors and platforms not rendering correctly for splitscreen players.
  • Made the third player in splitscreen have equal viewport size (controlled by `cg_splitviewThirdEqual` cvar).
  • Added `cg_splitviewTextScale` to allow drawing HUD text larger in splitscreen.
  • Added support for using (.otf) OpenType fonts, before only .ttf could be used.
  • Added `r_fontBorderWidth` for adding black outline to TrueType / OpenType fonts.
  • Added `r_fontForceAutoHint` to allow forcing Freetype’s autohinter to be used on TrueType / OpenType fonts.
  • Added `fs_cdpath` that can be used to specify the Q3 installation directory.
  • Added support for more shader keywords.
  • Added DDS image support (uncompressed and DTXn) for Elite Force 2.
  • Lots of other bug fixes and changes.

mint-arena (Q3 Gamecode) changes:

  • Made Q3 UI controls menu always bind control to joystick for correct player.
  • Fixed corpse being added on player join.
  • Fixed inserting text in console input losing text at end.
  • Improved console line wrapping.
  • Improved text drawing for TrueType / OpenType fonts.
  • Added anisotropic filter, MSAA, and r_lodbias -2 to Q3 UI graphics options.
  • Added center print for capturing skulls in Harvester.
  • Lots of other bug fixes and changes.

Shader keywords that were implemented:

  • tcMod offset, tcMod swap, clampTexCoords, alphaGen normalzfade, fog on, allowcompress, nocompress, noTC, subdivisions, cull front.


Spearmint 0.2 with the Mod API changes is planned to be released November 13, 2015. In the future I may consider doing minor releases more than 2 days before the next major release.