Maverick Model 3D 1.3.11 released

Maverick Model 3D 1.3.11 adds support for exporting Studiomdl Data (SMD) models, improves Milkshape 3D (MS3D) model support, and fixes many issues.

Download it at the Maverick Model 3D webpage.

Select changes are listed below. For more details see the 37 source code commits.


  • Add support for texture alpha blending in animation mode (reported by ZaRR).
  • Add workaround to force toolbar to be visible even if it’s hidden in dock.dat (reported by Enjay001).
  • Improve decimal accuracy for rotation on properties panel (e.g., display 90 instead of 89.999999).
  • Use backslash path separators in recent models list on Windows.
  • Fix Paint Texture window writing a blank black image (regression, reported by Enjay001 and mecwerks).
  • Fix not loading texture the first time Texture Coordinates window is shown (regression, reported by Enjay001).
  • Fix some vertex bone joint weights being rounded down on properties panel and calculated auto weight.
  • Fix wireframe Z-fighting with model meshes.
  • Fix new transparent texture set for material not being drawn (reported by philosophofee).
  • Fix frame animated models default to blank animation type in Animation Sets window.
  • Fix gimbal lock detection when converting matrix to Euler angles (affected writing SMD models).
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts in German and French translations (reported by Nessie).

Model Formats

  • Add support for exporting Studiomdl Data (SMD) models (requested by philosophofee).
  • Improve decimal accuracy in exported IQE models.
  • Improve MS3D model support (some issues reported by philosophofee).
    • Add support for loading/saving Milkshape 3D 1.8.5 BETA 1 MS3D models (vertex subversion 3).
    • Add descriptions for vertex subversions to MS3D export prompt.
    • Only allow typing hexdecimal in MS3D Vertex Extra export prompt.
    • Don’t allow exporting invalid MS3D models when there are too many vertexes, triangles, bone joints, groups, or materials.
    • Don’t convert vertex bone weights of 0 to average for MS3D export.
    • Fix reading/writing MS3D animation bone joint keyframes.
    • Fix written MS3D vertex bone joint weights not adding up to 100.
    • Fix loading MS3D bone influences for more than 128 bones.
    • Fix loading MS3D when a group has no material.
  • Fix missing meta data undo event after Cal3D/MD3/MS3D export.
  • Fix writing line endings as Unix style in OBJ/DXF/IQE on Windows (regression).
  • Fix loading OBJ textures on Windows (regression, reported by Nessie).