Flexible HUD release 7

ZTM’s Flexible HUD mod for ioquake3 release 7 is a minor update to improve video mode selection in Quake 3 and Team Arena menus.


These changes were merged from ioquake3. Two changes from myself and two contributed by others.

  • Add custom video mode (if in use) to Quake 3 and Team Arena menus. This fixes the custom resolution being changed to a built in mode if one uses the Quake 3 system menu and unable to change video mode using mouse in Team Arena.
  • Use video modes supported by your display (such as 1920×1080) in Team Arena system menu as already done in Quake 3 menu.
  • Prevent Q_IsColorString from asserting on negative ascii chars (by kungfooman).
  • Allow overriding build date in q3rcc for reproducible builds (by bmwiedemann).






3 responses to “Flexible HUD release 7”

  1. Joe Youngo Avatar
    Joe Youngo

    Would it be possible if I can get this mod working in Quake 3 Rocket Arena 3 mod?

    1. ZTM Avatar

      I don’t provide support for using Flexible HUD with other mods. My understanding is that Rocket Arena is server-side only so it should be possible.

  2. 2021apx Avatar

    Hello, just plain stupid question, how I make it to work.
    As currently I had grabbed 2021.03.17 version of ioquake3, and copied files of this mod inside into game folder.

    File structure seems correct, but I don’t see new CVars in console.