Spearmint 1.0.3 released

Spearmint 1.0.3 fixes a couple issues in Team Arena and a few other obscure issues. Download it at https://clover.moe/spearmint.

The Team Arena non-functional settings issue is important (though it was unnoticed since I broke it in 2014). I think the rest of the issues are kind of obscure to run into. It’s not urgent to update dedicated servers since the only change is the server full message.


Engine (spearmint)


  • Fix local human player not being able to join server full of bots (possible with Team Arena start server menu). Reported by Tobias Kuehnhammer, probably.
  • Display “Server is full.” message (like original Quake 3) to network players instead of “Couldn’t add local player 1, no free player slots!”.


  • Fix crash when r_flares cvar is 2 or 3 in Team Arena Single Player Tournament menu. Reported by Tobias Kuehnhammer.
  • Fix shader sort value for unknown keyword. (Fixes Unholy Sanctuary “us_intro” map.) Reported by Tobias Kuehnhammer.

Game Logic (mint-arena)


  • Fix not being able to change engine latch cvars (sv_maxclients, r_mode, and several other rendering settings) in Team Arena menu. Reported by Tobias Kuehnhammer.
  • Fix player effects color on player models with rgbGen entity for local player 2, 3, and 4 in Q3 menu. Reported by ZaRR.
  • Fix compiling Team Arena with q3_ui. Reported by retro8x.