End of Year 11

I am nearing the end of my 11th year of game development. I’ve spent about a 2 years working with Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Doom Engine), about 3 months with SDL 1.2 / OpenGL 1.x, about 8 years with Quake 3, and whatever the last year was.

I’m currently working toward making a new Spearmint release and hopefully a new Turtle Arena release in the next few months.

To clarify my post from last month; My plan to rewrite/overhaul Spearmint was replaced with making a new engine. I don’t have concrete future plans for Spearmint or Turtle Arena. However that does not mean I am abandoning them.

My Toy Box engine project is planned to rewrite the engine core, add and expand upon features I’ve added to Spearmint, and add new features I’ve wanted in Spearmint for years. This is essentially my plan to “rewrite/overhaul Spearmint” but starting from scratch and dropping Quake 3 data compatibility. Though, technically it’s just a game engine aiming to have a similar feature set.

New things I develop in my Toy Box engine project may be merged into Spearmint. For example, Toy Box currently runs the unfinished Alternate UI I made for Spearmint. It’s inflexible and kind of a mess. If I made a new UI it will most likely go into both Toy Box and Spearmint.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Toy Box and Spearmint in future. What I do know is that spending another 8 years fixing small issues in Quake 3 sounds pretty uninteresting.