Website Address Changes

The following websites have a new address. The domain names should redirect to the new location until they expire. I don’t plan to renew the domain names. ( should become a redirect in the next two days when the DNS updates.)

For reference, was registered on March 24 2016. I probably would not have registered the others if I had an actual main domain name instead of Having many domain names is kind of an unnecessary expense.

The following redirects are going to be removed after March 24 2018. Might as well break all links at once.

  • ->
  • -> meant Spearmint Powered. It was inspired on the Powered by Quake III logo featured on some game cases. The idea was that if someone made a game based on Spearmint, they link to Spearmint.Pw. I never got around to making a parody logo for it though. Also, Hatsune Miku on the Spearmint website since 2014 is a place holder for Clover who I have yet to actually design.