Maverick Model 3D 1.3.10 released

Maverick Model 3D 1.3.10, my fork of Misfit Model 3D 1.3.8, is now formally released after 9 years of on and off development (mostly off). Windows and macOS builds are available for download. A GNU/Linux build is probably coming next year but in the meantime it’s possible to manually compile the source code.

Maverick Model 3D fixes various issues, improves MD3 model support (including fixing normals in exported player upper.md3 and head.md3), adds support for saving Inter-Quake Export (IQE) models, improves Windows and macOS support, and uses Qt 5.x. Tutorials for Misfit Model 3D should be usable with Maverick Model 3D.

The .mm3d file format was extended to save Loop flag for skeletal and vertex frame animations and changed version to 1.7.

Select changes are listed below. For more details see the 173 source code commits.

Changes for 1.3.10 (2018-09-05)

  • Rename application to Maverick Model 3D
  • Add bone joint rotation to properties panel in non-animation mode
  • Add press F1 for help to OBJ export options window
  • Add support for autotools out-of-tree build
  • Add support for exporting Inter-Quake Export (IQE) models
  • Allow saving MD3 animations with 1 frame as looping
  • Create window as maximized if it fills the available screen space
  • Display result of Clean Up Groups in status bar
  • Don’t sort opaque RGBA textures in 3D Alpha Blend view mode
  • Fix building for Windows
  • Fix crash when opening Paint Texture
  • Fix new/rename material window titles
  • Fix rotating bone joint using properties panel in animation mode
  • Fix saving MD3 with 1 animation and 1 frame writing unanimated vertexes
  • Fix saving normals in MD3 player upper and head models
  • Fix Texture Coordinates window being empty after closing it using title bar close button (Windows/macOS)
  • Fix warning about unknown signal QTabWidget::selected when opening “Model|Background Image…”
  • Fix zoom icons when compiled with newer Qt (worked on Qt 5.3 but not 5.10+)
    (use Qt 4+ resource system instead of embedding image in .ui files)
  • Improve code integration of animation loop setting
  • Load MD3 player skins with upper case extension (.SKIN)
  • Make saving MD3 player head to use unanimated points and bounds
  • Make subdivide command fail if no faces are selected
  • Move animation Loop setting between FPS and Start/Stop buttons
  • Only create vertex in Edge Divide if selected vertexes share a common face edge
  • Print stdout/stderr to Windows command prompt
  • RAW images are now loaded as little endian regardless of OS endianness
  • Rename Materials|Clean Up Groups to Materials|Clean up
  • Update plugin API usage for builtin features
  • Use Win32 API to support non-ASCII filenames

Changes for 1.3.9 (2018-02-11)

  • Switch from Qt4 to Qt5
  • Make animation loop a per-animation setting that is saved in .mm3d files (mm3d format is now 1.7)
  • Allow user to set fixed grid
  • Fix incorrect texture rending for materials that share GL textures
  • Fix insertFrameAnimFrame when frame is not at end
  • Fix saving MD3 models with no frame animations
  • Add a dialog to confirm saving a 3 part MD3 player model (before it always assumed yes)
  • Made MD3 player support more general
  • Read animation names / looping from animation.cfg (names fallback to
    Quake 3 ones if missing)
  • Write animation names / looping from model animations instead of using
    a hard coded list
  • Save all unknown points (e.g., not tag_torso, tag_head, or tag_weapon)
    as tags in all model parts
  • Added support for “ALL_” (legs, torso, head) and “HEAD_” animation prefixes
  • Don’t require tag_weapon to export a MD3 player model
  • Store options from animation.cfg in meta data “MD3_CFG_(keyword)” “(value)”
    instead of special handling for ‘sex’,’footsteps’,’headoffset’,
    ‘fixedtorso’,’fixedlegs’ which were stored as MD3_(keyword).
    MD3_sex, MD3_footsteps, etc are still supported for saving
  • Add support for animation names to be at the beginning of each animation
    line in animation.cfg. Meta data “MD3_AnimKeyword” “1”. Automatically
    detected when loading animation.cfg
  • Allow disabling writing sync warnings in MD3 player animation.cfg using
    meta data “MD3_NoSyncWarning” “1”. This is not automatically detected
    when loading animation.cfg
  • Add support for Elite Force (Single Player) animation.cfg loop numbering style
    0=loop all frames, -1=don’t loop. Meta data “MD3_EliteLoop” “1”. Automatically detected when loading animation.cfg
  • Add support for loading / saving Quake III: Team Arena players
  • Save point “tag_flag” in (only) the torso model
  • Handle new Q3TA torso animations after legs in animation.cfg
  • Add support for loading / saving Turtle Arena players

Note: Exporting existing mm3d models to Quake 3 MD3 players requires setting
the correct names and loop on animations.

Download it at the Maverick Model 3D webpage.