ioEF preservation

ioEF (also known as iostvoyHM) is a project created by Thilo Schulz based on ioquake3 for running Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch (multiplayer). My Lilium Voyager project is based on it.

The website for ioEF binaries and source code patches ( on went offline around July 2018. I sent Thilo Schulz an email about it in April but I haven’t heard back.

I downloaded the ioEF engine source code patches that were available from and, applied them to the appropriate ioquake3 git revisions, and fixed compiling for Windows using mingw-w64. There are 13 ioEF engine branches on Github at zturtleman/ioef-archive.

If anyone has the ioEF engine patches for ioEF 1.35 or earlier (which were not fully backed up by please post them on an issue at ioef-archive or send them to me.

I haven’t set up an archive for the ioEF game logic (QVMs in pak9{,0,1,2}.pk3) under EF SDK license yet though. There was a subversion repository but I forget where it was located.

ioEF 1.37 binaries (with pak92.pk3) are available at ioEF on moddb.

Update: The ioEF engine patches are not lost; no need to send them to me. The files are available at For more details see the follow up post ioEF preservation update.