Lilium Voyager 1.40 released

Lilium Voyager 1.40 has various rendering improvements and fixes SDL surround sound output. Download it at

The website for the ioEF binaries and source code went offline since the last Lilium Voyager release. I’ve made a repo for the ioEF engine source code. More details in the article below.


Summary of Lilium Voyager 1.40 changes that were merged from ioquake3. The changes were made by myself and seven other contributers. For the full list of changes see here (though many of the commits for the game logic do not apply to Lilium Voyager).

  • Minor improvements to the OpenGL renderers.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for IQM models (not used by Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force).
  • Fix SDL audio playback with surround sound (correctly output stereo to surround sound front left/right).
  • OpenGL2: r_cubemapping 2 for box cubemap parallax (by SmileTheory).
  • OpenGL2: Add r_parallaxMapShadows (by SmileTheory).
  • OpenGL2: Disable r_cubeMapping if not OpenGL 3.0+.
  • Restore OpenGL 1.1 support (GL_CLAMP).
  • Fix game resolution when compiled against macOS 10.15 SDK (by Ryan C. Gordon and patch by Tom Kidd).

The ioquake3 internal mixer only supports mono/stereo so SDL surround sound output only has front left/right audio. You can use OpenAL output (s_useOpenAL 1) for surround sound mixing support.

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