Maverick Model 3D 1.3.13

After a little over 2 years, Maverick Model 3D 1.3.13 has been released with a slew of bug fixes and some long desired features.

It’s now possible to remove geometry/groups/points from models with vertex frame animations and models can be merged relative to a point, which will be positioned correctly in existing vertex frame animations.

MD2 vertex normals have been fixed. Y and Z were incorrectly swapped since in MM3D 1.3.4.

Maverick is now available as a Flatpak Bundle for GNU/Linux to allow installing it without compiling it yourself or using GNU/Linux distro packages which may not be the latest version. Maverick also now works correctly using Wayland.

There was reports of the previous version’s Windows build would sometimes crash after saving a model. This is now fixed though the exact cause is not known. The Windows build was updated from Qt 5.11 to 5.15.2 and now uses the same compiler run-time for Qt and Maverick.

The macOS build is delayed until 2022. It will also update from Qt 5.11 to Qt 5.15.2. It should build and run fine today with Qt 5 from Homebrew provided you have macOS 10.13 or later.

Windows x86 installer and GNU/Linux x86_64 Flatpak Bundle are available for download.


  • Add Clear Rotation/Translation Keyframes to Animation menu
  • Add Base Point to Model Merge
  • Add filename to Plugins window
  • Allow removing vertexes from models with frame animations
  • Allow adding/removing groups and points from models with frame animations
  • Make splitting skeleton animation keep overall pose
  • Make copy/paste skeleton animation frame copy interpolated keyframes
  • Make paste animation frame select what was paste
  • Make new animations default to non-looping
  • Switch from QGLWidget to QOpenGLWidget (needed for Wayland on GNU/Linux, breaks Windows with OpenGL 1.1)
  • Generate HTML manual using C instead of Perl with HTML::Template module
  • Fix merged points in frame animations
  • Fix crash if merging model when existing has a 0-frame animation
  • Fix undo event for Merge Animations
  • Fix model filter read/write to always use decimal point regardless of system locale
  • Fix truncating frames when changing frame count in animation mode
  • Fix Animation Sets -> Split to be start frame num
  • Fix horizontal scroll events being treated as scroll down
  • Fix texture coord window to check all selected triangles for a texture
  • Fix select joint influenced points
  • Fix Qt translations (qt_xx.qm) not being used
  • Fix hundreds of compiler warnings

Model Formats

d3d (new)

  • Add GameMaker Studio .d3d model import/export


  • Remove option to disable saving points in animations (IQM SDK would use identity, not bind pose)


  • Fix vertex normals orientation


  • Add export dialog with option to write animation.cfg for non-player models
  • Don’t allow saving as a player if there are groups that would not be saved in any player segment


  • Deduplicate written external textures list
  • Fix writing external texture count (it use to be material count which may be too high)
  • Fix saving with long background filename causing out-of-bounds write


  • Fix loading model with all zero vertex bone weights


  • Fix crash if some MTL keywords are before newmtl
  • Fix crash for out of bounds texcoord index


  • Add AppStream metadata and install icons into modern file path
  • Add ability to build as a Flatpak
  • Don’t create ‘shared’ plugins symlink anymore (to allow multiple install paths)
  • Rename mimetype from application/x-mm3d to model/x-mm3d
  • Fix locating Qt translations on GNU/Linux


  • Support UTF-16 paths for install path and appdata on Windows
  • Make building using MinGW on Debian use POSIX thread model so it uses the same GCC run-time as Qt
  • Fix writing image filenames in models on a separate Windows drive than the images
  • Fix listing files on Windows with “..” directory in path


  • Add system and Qt translations to macOS AppBundle
  • Add make appbundle to Makefile.generic
  • Add support for cross-compiling from GNU/Linux using osxcross
  • Renamed macOS configure make target to make appbundle

Build Note

  • Moved to to match defacto naming convention






5 responses to “Maverick Model 3D 1.3.13”

  1. ToKu Avatar

    Thank you for this masterpiece, ZTM!
    Maverick Model 3D works really very reliably, has a wide range of features and yet remains very simple and understandable.

  2. Enjay Avatar

    Thank you very much for your continued work on Maverick. Excellent new release.

  3. Wellington Lohan Avatar

    thanks for continuing the project, I thought you heard it stopped for good. I use it to edit games of great importance to me and it’s the simplest I’ve ever used, it was very important to me that I’m at the beginning of my career in games. thanks, we look forward to more updates if you still want to continue

    1. Wellington Lohan Avatar

      make a Brazilian edited version for us. it can be a version even though we were already happy

  4. sonc Avatar

    Thank you so much for the update! However, creating a new frame animation on alpha rendering still crashes the program. Otherwise, good job!