Maverick Model 3D 1.3.14

Maverick Model 3D 1.3.14 enables HiDPI support by default and adds support for creating toon cel outlines and importing frame animations.

Toon Cel Outline

Screenshot of my remake of the Misfit Model 3D logo with toon outline on a HiDPI display.

It’s now possible to create a toon cel outline effect (expanded mesh, drawing triangle backside). It works with skeletal animated models but it’s not supported with frame animations. Skeletal animations can be converted to frame animations afterward though.

  1. Disable drawing back-facing triangles using Render -> Render Options -> Hide back-facing triangles
  2. Select all meshes to have toon cel outline and then use the Geometry -> Duplicate command (copy and paste doesn’t keep the joint influences)
  3. Add a material for the outline color in Materials -> Edit Materials
  4. Create a new group in Materials – > Edit Groups and add the selected duplicate meshes (Assign As Group) and set materials to your outline color material
  5. Use Geometry -> Vertices -> Weld Vertices so that vertices in the same place don’t move apart
  6. Use Geometry -> Normals -> Invert Normals so that triangle faces inward
  7. Use Geometry -> Vertices -> Offset by Normal to give the cel outline the desired size



  • Enable Qt HiDPI support by default and fix a few layout issues
  • Add Offset by Normal command to move vertex along average normal
  • Make Duplicate command keep all joint influences
  • Make Edge Divide command set group and texture coords
  • Make Select Vertex tool automatically select and unselect triangles
  • Automatically select new face made by Make Face From Vertices
  • Make texture coord window reset map scheme on selection change
  • Fix texture coord window displaying last texture if no triangle has a texture

Merge Model / Import Animations

  • Add support for frame animations to Import Animations (must have the same number of vertexes and order)
  • Make Merge Model copy frame animation frames-per second (FPS) setting
  • Make Merge Model and Import Animations copy looping setting
  • Fix Merge Model and Import Animations to set skeletal animation FPS on the correct animation

Background Image

  • Fix model using background image with Canvas mode Flat
  • Fix model viewports not updating immediately after setting background image
  • Fix drawing left/right brackground image in some cases
  • Fix background image not blending in some cases

Model Formats


  • Add support for exporting cal3d .cfg files


  • Fix writing background image filename


  • Update Flatpak runtime to org.kde.Platform 5.15-22.08 from 5.15 (20.08)


Download the Windows x86 installer and GNU/Linux x86_64 Flatpak Bundle at the Maverick Model 3D webpage.

This release was created with a week of development. If you find it useful, consider donating at Ko-fi.

It should build and run on macOS. However like Maverick 1.3.13 there is no macOS build as I haven’t sorted it out / purchased a new mac that Qt 5.15 still supports.






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  1. Nigel Rowand Avatar
    Nigel Rowand

    A Maverick Model update! A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. Thank you very much.

  2. ToKu Avatar


  3. Daniel Eriksson Avatar
    Daniel Eriksson

    Really nice update! I like using this program for creating 3D models for games. Thanks for your work!