Lilium Voyager

Lilium Voyager on the map hm_voy2.

Lilium Voyager is a fork of ioquake3 for running Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch (multiplayer). It is based on Thilo Schulz’ ioEF engine (also known as iostvoyHM). The focus for Lilium Voyager is to maintain Elite Force multiplayer support on newer ioquake3 versions.

Lilium Voyager is compatible with Elite Force 1.2 (the final official release), ioEF 1.37, ioEF 1.38-rc1, and other EF 1.2 compatible engines.

Differences from ioEF 1.38-rc1 (2011):

  • Player origin rounding is compatible with the original QVMs (x86, x86_64).
  • Fixed “read past end of server message” error after downloading a pk3 using EF 1.2 protocol (24).
  • Network compatible with ioEF 1.37.
  • Dedicated servers are listed on official Raven master server.
  • Client and server use separate config files (from ioq3).
  • Better compatibility with newer operating systems (from ioq3).
  • VoIP uses Opus codec instead of Speex (from ioq3).
  • Support for ioquake3’s OpenGL2 renderer.


After extracting the Lilium Voyager download you need to copy the Elite Force  pak[0-2].pk3 files into liliumvoyager-1.40-platform/baseEF/. Elite Force is not available for purchase as a digital download. Lilium Voyager is not compatible with the demo version of Elite Force.

See the included readme for more details.

Lilium Voyager 1.40

Lilium Voyager 1.40 (November 2 2019). Announcement post.

Known issues; On Windows the keypad 5 key without numlock doesn’t work and macOS 10.6+ only execute mouse wheel control binds if wheel is turned multiple notches (SDL 2.0.8 bugs).


Lilium Voyager only provides the engine. It can use the original game logic included in the Elite Force pk3s or you can optionally download Thilo Schulz’ pak92.pk3 (included with ioEF 1.37) and add it to you baseEF directory. For more information about pak92 see the ioEF readme.

If your going to use macOS 10.5, pak92 is needed for correct player origin rounding.

If you are going to run a dedicated server, it’s best to install pak92 for compatibility with ioEF clients and Lilium Voyager on macOS 10.5.

Source Code

Lilium Voyager source code is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 (or at your option, any later version). It does not include the source code the Elite Force cgame, game, and ui QVMs (in baseEF/pak*.pk3) which are under a EULA.

Past Versions

Lilium Voyager 1.39 (June 1 2018). Announcement post.

For ioEF binaries and source code patches for ioquake3 visit ioEF 1.37 binaries are also available on moddb. ioEF source code patches applied to ioquake3 source code are available on Github at zturtleman/ioef-archive.