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Maverick Model 3D Introduction

Maverick Model 3D is an application that allows users to create and modify triangle-based models. It currently supports a variety of 3D vertex manipulation tools as well as texturing and animations. There is a plugin system so that extensions can be written to provide more tools, commands, or model import and export filters.

Currently Maverick Model 3D has its own file format, but can also export models in the Quake MD2 and MD3, Cal 3D, Milkshape 3D, COB, DXF, OBJ, IQE, and SMD file formats.

When you start Maverick Model 3D you will see the Main Window. The Main Window has a set of viewports that act as a canvas for model manipulation and a tool bar that provides interactive model manipulation features. There can be multiple Main Windows, one for each model that is open.

See the Main Window documentation to get an overview of Maverick Model 3D's user interface as well as links to more specific feature information.

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