Spearmint 0.4 released

Spearmint 0.4 provides a few bug fixes and improves dynamic memory handling for Game and CGame VMs. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads.

Spearmint 0.4 sort of coincides with the four year anniversary of it’s name. ioq3ztm was renamed to Spearmint on June 11 2012.

Spearmint 0.4 is not backward compatible with Spearmint 0.3 VMs. The network protocol number was changed from 5 to 10 in order to separate Spearmint 0.4 game servers from previous Spearmint/Turtle Arena versions.

VM Heap Memory system

  • Improved and unified DLL and QVM memory allocation code.
  • Allocate space on hunk but use zone memory functions to allocate and free blocks.
  • Replace vm_qvmMinHunkMegs with vm_cgameHeapMegs and vm_gameHeapMegs which affect both DLLs and QVMs and are separate for CGame and Game VM.
  • Remove name string from VM memory allocate function that was used for sharing memory between Game and CGame DLLs.
  • Add system call to get available memory.
  • Add system call to free memory!
  • void *trap_HeapMalloc( int size )
  • int trap_HeapAvailable( void )
  • void trap_HeapFree( void *data )


  • Fix cvar default override in mint-game.settings causing error if same name as VM cmd
  • Explicitly set cull type for skybox
  • Don’t colorize missing lightmaps by default
  • Add setu2, setu3, setu4 commands
  • Don’t list mods that only have Spearmint patch pk3s

VM common

  • Make using Yacc optional, disabled by default

CGame VM

  • Improve keyboard/joystick input in Team Arena UI
  • Fix 4-player splitscreen HUD in 5:4 window
  • Make TrueType fonts match Q3 bitmap sizes
  • Improve TrueType text input cursor fallback
  • Resize cinematic when window is resized
  • Prevent third person from near clipping wall in 16:9
  • Fix team order menu not being centered

Game VM

  • Restore bot activating blocking entity even if predicting obstacles
  • Fix bot team order to kill last player it killed

Spearmint 0.5 is planned to be released on January 13 2017.






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  1. ToKu Avatar

    A VM Heap Memory System with a system call to free memory?!
    Unbelievable, dreams will become true!