Maverick Model 3D 1.3.12 released

Maverick Model 3D 1.3.12 adds shift key behavior for tools in texture coordinate editor, allows easier conversion of skeletal animations to frame animations, and fixes several issues.

Download it at the Maverick Model 3D webpage.

Select changes are listed below. For more details see the 37 source code commits.


  • Add shift key behavior to texture coordinate editor for move/rotate/scale like main window (requested by Enjay001).
  • Make Convert To Frame window convert multiple animations at once.
  • Fix animation frame slider not responding to arrow keys (reported by 77ZaRR77).
  • Fix delete button in Edit Joints window (reported by Mick Pearson (mickp-1982)).
  • Fix mouse interaction and wireframe line size on HiDPI displays (reported by Andrew Hamilton (orange451)).
  • Fix OpenGL possibly not working on Windows with Qt5 (black viewports) (reported by 77ZaRR77).
  • Fix some memory leak and std::list usage (reported by Mick Pearson (mickp-1982)).
  • Fix configure when compiling on Fedora (reported by Jacob Gustafson (poikilos)).

Model Formats

  • Remove artificial MD3 export limits (requested by Peach1).






2 responses to “Maverick Model 3D 1.3.12 released”

  1. Enjay Avatar

    I’ve only just noticed the update. Thank you very much for continuing work on this. Much appreciated.

  2. Per Kjellsson Avatar

    Really glad to see that someone is maintaining old Misfit.

    Made a small video on test running Maverick

    Just a small thing, doing simple stuff.