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  • EBX Reboot and the Downfall of Spearmint!?

    I started thinking about the game design for the Turtle Arena successor, Extraordinary Beat X, at the beginning of 2016. It was the first time I seriously thought about it since 2013.

  • Friday the Thirteenth

    Today’s Spearmint release is canceled due to my lack of interest in developing it. No future release dates are ready to be announced at this time. I’ve barely done any game development since Spearmint 0.4 was released in July 2016.

  • Spearmint 0.4 released

    Spearmint 0.4 provides a few bug fixes and improves dynamic memory handling for Game and CGame VMs. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads.

  • Spearmint 0.3 released

    Spearmint 0.3 adds new features and extends the mod APIs. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads.

  • Spearmint Quake 3 game server

    I set up a public Spearmint Quake 3 game server at saturn.clover.moe . So come play sometime?

  • Spearmint 0.2 released

    Spearmint 0.2 adds new features for mods, primarily from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads. Spearmint now has all of the renderer features needed to create RTCW and ET game ports. There are a few minor renderer features that need to be added in the future for more accurate ports.…

  • Spearmint 0.1.1 released

    While working toward Spearmint 0.2 I kept it compatible with Spearmint 0.1. With Spearmint 0.2 being released soon, it seemed like it might be useful to release the version that is still compatible with Spearmint 0.1. And so, here is Spearmint 0.1.1. Spearmint 0.1.1 is a bug fix and new feature release that is compatible with…

  • Spearmint 0.1 released

    The first version of the Spearmint engine has been released after 3.5 years of development. It’s not everything I wanted it to be, but it’s stable and people are interested in using it so I’ve finally created downloadable packages for Windows, GNU/Linux, and OS X. See https://clover.moe/spearmint for downloads. Spearmint 0.1 was released on a friday the 13th,…

  • Merging Process: CGame Lighting Control

    Insight into the Q3/RTCW/ET/EF/JK2/JA/etc engine merging process for Spearmint. Not feeling quite ready to take on Spearmint issue 135, I decided to add support for Elite Force’s RF_FULLBRIGHT (used by holodeck door at level start). I quickly decided to generalize cgame’s control of ambient light.

  • Why is there a UI virtual machine?

    Over the last four years since I started modifying ioquake3, there have been occasions when I’ve wondered why Quake III Arena has separate UI (user interface: main menu, pause menu) and cgame (client-game: HUD, world scene generation, movement prediction, etc) virtual machines. They both run on the client and duplicate various code between them. Merging…

  • New ioq3 fork, ioq3ztm

    Ever since Turtle Arena was started I maintained the ability to compile it as unmodified ioquake3, or as ioquake3 with some additional changes from Turtle Arena (which I called ioq3ztm). However, it has been coming increasingly difficult (and messy), so support for compiling ioq3 has been dropped. Support for ‘ioq3ztm’ build will most likely be…