Clover’s Toy Box 2017-2018

Clover’s Toy Box development posts for 2017 and 2018. I originally shared these privately but now I’ve collected them all to publish.

Clover’s Toy Box (as in Pandora’s box) is a project to develop a game engine for the successor to Turtle Arena and another game. The engine, named after Lycoris radiata subject to change to a common name, is expected to expand on ideas and goals from my Spearmint engine (albeit without Quake 3 compatibility). Clover’s Toy Box is currently being developed in private as proprietary software.

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Spearmint 1.0.1 released

Spearmint 1.0.1 fixes a few minor issues.


  • Fix kicked clients displaying ‘connection interrupted’ instead of exiting to menu and displaying kick reason.

CGame (Team Arena)

  • Fix changing Team Arena statusbar (normal or small) in menu while in-game not applying widescreen adjustments for power ups area and voice chat head.
  • Make Team Arena prevTeamMember command loop around player list.
  • Fix drawing Team Arena HUD team member info for ‘everyone’ (reported by DarkPatro56 on YouTube).

Game (Team Arena)

  • Fix Team Arena voice taunt not being sent if speaking to a bot (reported by DarkPatro56 on YouTube).

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Flexible HUD release 5

ZTM’s Flexible HUD mod for ioquake3 release 5 is a minor update to enable aspect correct HUD by default (cg_stretch 0) and display 8 maps instead of 4 in the Quake 3 start server menu.

I also merged my changes from ioquake3’s mod code:

  • Make testgun command without argument disable test gun model.
  • Fix loading favorites as initial source in server browser (reported by cdev).
  • Improve finding obelisk entitynum for bot AI (reported by Thomas Köppe).
  • Fix predicting entity origin on rotating mover (reported by kungfooman).

Spearmint 1.0.0 released

Spearmint 1.0.0 has many minor attention-to-detail improvements. The most interesting changes being:

  • Console command argument auto completion for model and headmodel and 25 other commands.
  • Random bots added in Quake III: Team Arena team gametypes using bot_minplayers or addbot random use Team Arena’s characters instead of Quake 3’s bots.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for IQM models.

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10 Years of Quake 3

Lycoris radiata
Red spider lily, licensed as CC-BY-SA 4.0 by Kakidai.

October 10th 2018 is the 10 year anniversary of when I started modding ioquake3. It was my third attempt at creating a Ninja Turtle fangame within a three year time period. I intend to release Spearmint 1.0 as the end result of 10 years of working on the Quake 3 engine.

On October 10th I’m planning to cease development on my projects based on the Quake 3 engine (Spearmint, Turtle Arena, Lilium Voyager, flexible HUD mod for ioq3, …) and resign from being a ioquake3 maintainer (since 2011). I’ll no longer be following ioquake3 development or providing support on the ioquake3 forum.

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I’ve disabled my Spearmint game server ( to reduce expenses. I expect to re-enable it in a few months. There is currently still another Spearmint server running. The master servers hosted by and continue to be available.

The Magical Clover Forum (Discourse software, is now archived. It’s not the prettiest or most accurate but the post content continues to be available. It’s was downloaded using “httrack”.