Blog posts

  • ioEF preservation update

    In 2019 I posted that ioEF’s—a reimplementation of the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force multiplayer engine—older source code was unavailable and I set up a code repository for the source code patches backed up by Thilo Schulz, the developer of ioEF, contacted me and pointed out that only the domain name expired and…

  • Quake 3 1.16n

    We did not receive the source code for versions prior to 1.32c and there is no way for us to go back to 1.16n or other old versions. For the very few mods that require 1.16n, there is no way to make them work on ioquake3. (or view on I read this in…

  • Clover’s Toy Box 2020

    In 2020 I continued working on rendering for Clover’s Toy Box.

  • Spearmint 1.0.3 released

    Spearmint 1.0.3 fixes a couple issues in Team Arena and a few other obscure issues. Download it at

  • Clover’s Toy Box 2019

    This year a lot of progress has been made on geometry and text rendering for Clover’s Toy Box.

  • Spearmint 1.0.2 released

    Spearmint 1.0.2 fixes IQM player models, using TrueType console font, and some other issues. Download it at

  • Lilium Voyager 1.40 released

    Lilium Voyager 1.40 has various rendering improvements and fixes SDL surround sound output. Download it at

  • ioEF preservation

    ioEF (also known as iostvoyHM) is a project created by Thilo Schulz based on ioquake3 for running Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch (multiplayer). My Lilium Voyager project is based on it. The website for ioEF binaries and source code patches ( on went offline around July 2018. I sent Thilo Schulz an email…

  • Maverick Model 3D 1.3.12 released

    Maverick Model 3D 1.3.12 adds shift key behavior for tools in texture coordinate editor, allows easier conversion of skeletal animations to frame animations, and fixes several issues. Download it at the Maverick Model 3D webpage.

  • Flexible HUD release 7

    ZTM’s Flexible HUD mod for ioquake3 release 7 is a minor update to improve video mode selection in Quake 3 and Team Arena menus. Changes These changes were merged from ioquake3. Two changes from myself and two contributed by others. Add custom video mode (if in use) to Quake 3 and Team Arena menus. This…

  • Clover’s Toy Box 2017-2018

    Clover’s Toy Box development posts for 2017 and 2018. I originally shared these privately but now I’ve collected them all to publish. Clover’s Toy Box (as in Pandora’s box) is a project to develop a game engine for the successor to Turtle Arena and another game. The engine, named after Lycoris radiata subject to change…

  • Maverick Model 3D 1.3.11 released

    Maverick Model 3D 1.3.11 adds support for exporting Studiomdl Data (SMD) models, improves Milkshape 3D (MS3D) model support, and fixes many issues. Download it at the Maverick Model 3D webpage.